Optimizing lint-staged.config.js for Prettier

Thilo Maier •
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When you use lint-staged to run ESLint and Prettier on staged files using Husky’s pre-commit and pre-push hooks, your lint-staged.config.js might look like this (or its JSON equivalent):

module.exports = {
  '*.{js,jsx,ts,tsx}': ['eslint --fix', 'prettier --write'],
  '*.{md,mdx,css,yaml,yml}': ['prettier --write'],

This config file maintains file endings manually. If you add a file to your project with a file ending supported by Prettier but not listed in your config, that file will not be processed by Prettier. You have to remember to update file endings manually in lint-staged.config.js.

Adding a file ending is not a big deal, but you can instead refactor lint-staged.config.js to support any file endings that Prettier supports, even future ones:

const micromatch = require('micromatch');
const prettier = require('prettier');

// Figure out all extensions supported by Prettier.
const prettierSupportedExtensions = prettier
  .languages.map(({ extensions }) => extensions)

const addQuotes = (a) => `"${a}"`;

module.exports = (allStagedFiles) => {
  // Match files for ESLint including dirs and files starting with dot.
  const eslintFiles = micromatch(allStagedFiles, ['**/*.{js,jsx,ts,tsx'], {
    dot: true,

  // Match files for Prettier including dirs and files starting with dot.
  const prettierFiles = micromatch(
    prettierSupportedExtensions.map((extension) => `**/*${extension}`),
    { dot: true }

  // Array of linters to be run in this sequence.
  const linters = [];

  // Add linters only when there are staged files for them.
  // 'prettier --write' causes lint-staged to never terminate when prettierFiles is empty.

  if (eslintFiles.length > 0)
    linters.push(`eslint --fix ${eslintFiles.join(' ')}`);

  if (prettierFiles.length > 0)
    linters.push(`prettier --write ${prettierFiles.map(addQuotes).join(' ')}`);

  return linters;

This config file exports a function that receives all staged files for processing. This is what the config does:

  1. Figure out which extensions Prettier supports.
  2. Match all staged files that ESLint should process.
  3. Match all staged files that Prettier can process.
  4. Assemble the commands that lint-staged should run (eslint and/or prettier).

First I tried to do this without checking whether prettierFiles is empty. But then I ran into an edge case where prettierFiles was empty and the pre-commit hook would never terminate. While

eslint --fix

terminates correctly if it does not receive any files as arguments,

prettier --write

displays its help page. This seems to trip up lint-staged.

This may still seem like overkill, but if you maintain shared helpers across all of your projects, you can add this config and share it with minimal overhead.