Developer happiness

Is StackBlitz Codeflow Beta ready to replace your local VS Code?

StackBlitz Codeflow Beta is a VS Code alternative that runs natively in modern browsers. It is under development and comes with limitations and drawbacks. In this post, I evaluate if Codeflow is ready to be used as a primary development environment.

How to make SvelteKit HMR work with Gitpod

SvelteKit HMR breaks when developing with a Gitpod workspace in a browser. This post explains how to fix this.

A better development workflow with disposable workspaces

Disposable workspaces with Gitpod and GitHub Codespaces enable a new development workflow that eliminates the friction of local development.

How to use GitHub CLI to configure SSH authentication to GitHub

Setting up SSH authentication to GitHub used to be a tedious multi-step process. Now it is a breeze if you let GitHub CLI do the hard work for you.

How to brace for a GitHub Codespaces outage

When you adopt GitHub Codespaces you should ensure that an outage does not grind your development workflow to a halt. This post explains how.

Move your IDE to the cloud: introduction to GitHub Codespaces

In this introduction to GitHub Codespaces you will learn how to run VS Code in the cloud and how to spin up a zero-configuration development environment.